Welcolme to the new and improved JPMiller.Neocities.org. JPMiller.Neocities.org is my personal website, so it serves whatever purpose I feel like it needs to serve at the current time. Mostly, I use this website to host my other web projects that I want to give a perminent home to along with links to other projects and works of various levels of professionalism.

For some reason Neocities.org, my webhost, will not display special or Chinese characters, only ASCII it seems. Therefore, any Chinese I use on this site will be in tone-free pinyin. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Professional Projects

I have reacently become the executive director of The International Cyber, Privacy & Compliance Risk Institute. We produce webinars and provide resources to help orgnizations of all sizes address compliance and legal risks. We hope to grow to eventually serve as an interdiciplanary hub for professionals of all tyes to discuss the risks that effect their orgnizations.

Academic Projects

From my undergrad course work, I have my IT-341: Web Design Final Project Firfly For Freedonia site and my IM/DS-242: Information Visualization Final Project 2009 NJ Governor Election Visualizations site both hosted on this website.

Personal Projects

My travel blog about study abroad experance at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, Jared In China. remains up. My blog was briefly delieted for so I started working on a replacement, Jared in China: Revival. However, now that the full blog is back, I will not continue to work on the replacement.

In my free time, I have been working on defending the 3rd Amendment with the 3rd Amendment Defense Society. You can find my work with the Society at the Society's Website, which is also hosted through JPMiller.Neocities.org.