Welcolme to the new and improved JPMiller.Neocities.org, formally known as JPMiller.tk. JPMiller.Neocities.org is my personal website, so it serves whatever purpose I feel like it needs to serve at the current time. I use this website to host some of my other web projects that I want to give a perminent home to along with general information about myself I would like to share.

If for some reason you have an attachment to the old verson of this site or you just want to see what it was like, the old site is availble here thanks to the WayBack Machine.

Other Websites

I have my IT-341: Web Design Final Project Firfly For Freedonia site and my IM/DS-242: Information Visualization Final Project 2009 NJ Governor Election Visualizations site also hosted on this website.

In adition to my little network of personal websites, I also have a blog about my study abroad experance at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, Jared In China. Jared In China is no longer actually updated but it still has about nine months of intersting stories, articles, and pictures from my time at abroad.