Jared in China: Revival

Welcolme to Jared in China: Revival. This is a revival of my original Jared In China blog hosted on Weebly. The photos are original from Jared In China, however I had to write new text. I made this whole thing when my blog was down but now that it is back up this page is not really a reivival of anything. I will keep working on it when I feel nostalgic and/or feel like it. I decided to make this more of a general and reflective experance on my time at East China Normal University and studying abroad more generally some years out. I will also be lumping the photos together thematically since I do not have the time to rewrite an approximate blog post for every photo I had on the old Jared In China.

Since my NeoCities storage is limited, all pages will actually be hosted on Google Photos. I know this means that my photos of China will not be accessible from Mainland China, however such is life.

Also, I am working on this bit by bit so I am sorry if there are large, incomplete, sections.

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Second Semester Field Trips

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